Driving east from Farmington Hill on the fabled 160 Highway, you might find yourself at Elmore's Corner...the intersection of beer, convenience store items, and the road to faraway places. Adventure awaits!

Bubba and Erik return to their acoustic roots with Elmore's Corner, playing many Farmington Hill songs in an acoustic duo format with more harmonica solos. For more information, see Bryant Liggett's article in the DGO Magazine.

Audio Link: Elmore's Corner live at The Dolores River Fest, 6/2/2018. Thanks to Bill Doherty for the recording!

"Hang On", performed at Raven House Gallery in Mancos, CO as part of Crazy Hat Lady Shanti's Spring Hat Gala on 4/27/18: 

Elmore's Corner at the Replay Lounge in Lawrence, KS on 5/27/2018


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