Farmington Hill

Farmington Hill brings you country-fried indie rock from Southwest Colorado. Paul “Bubba” Iudice (acoustic guitar) and Erik Nordstrom (telecaster) have been collaborating since 2006, dusting off some old songs while creating new music about drinking, driving, friends that have passed away, love, heartbreak, the good life, and the not-so-good life. Kelly Rogers adds lap-steel to the mix. Jim Belcher lays down the bass, and David Sachs provides tasty drum licks. Jim and Dave have been part of the Durango music scene for quite some time, and we are honored that they joined the band in the spring of 2019. This is music suitable for both a raucous Saturday night and the accompanying Sunday hangover. 



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Previous events

Mixed in Mancos

 —  —

Mancos Opera House, 136 W. Grand Ave, Mancos, CO

The Mancos Creative District is excited to host Mixed in Mancos, an annual event which features local bands performing at the Mancos Opera House. This event will be recorded, and a live album will later be released on CD and vinyl. The first annual Mixed in Mancos will feature three hard-working bands from Southwest Colorado that are beloved for their original songwriting and rock n’ roll energy.

The doors of the Mancos Opera House will open at 5:00 on Saturday, March 2.

The Crags (6:00), born and raised in Durango, CO circa 2010, create music inspired by living in the Desert Southwest…calling their genre psych-a-desert rock. Take three parts dreamy/psych/shoegaze, two parts heavy/grungy/fuzzed-out rock, and add a healthy dose of surf DNA…these indie songs sound like what you’d get if a “palm tree and a cactus had a baby.” Singer/guitarist Tracy Ford handles the majority of the crafty songwriting, general pizzazz, and party favors. The incendiary guitar-work is compliments of Tim Lillyquist. Kicking out the jams, drums, and tasty vocals is John Ford. Smiles and bong-rattling bass are provided by Dan Leek. Never predictable, sometimes rowdy, there’s always a good time to be had at a Crags show!

Farmington Hill (7:30) has been entertaining audiences with spirited, country-fried indie rock since 2006. Paul “Bubba” Iudice approached Erik Nordstrom about collaborating on some country and folk songs that didn’t quite fit Bubba’s punk bands at the time. Before long, a band was born…with Bubba on acoustic guitar and Erik on telecaster. The two singer-songwriters are joined by Kelly Rogers on lap steel/vocals, Jim Belcher on bass/vocals, and Dave Sachs on drums. This is music suitable for both a raucous Saturday night and the accompanying Sunday hangover.

Little Wilderness (9:00) embodies homegrown rock n' roll that pays tribute to the environment around the Four Corners. Established in 2011, they have been a staple of the Durango musical community. Paul Henderson writes catchy tunes, sings, and plays guitar. Paul is joined by guitar wizard Dan Szabo, bassist Juan Lopez, and drummer David Sachs. In 2019, they released their full-length debut album, Big Tent, on Austin's own Flak Records. The album is an eclectic compilation of songs that were born in the era of loud amps and hard hitting drums. Little Wilderness takes pride in their craft, striving to be true to their roots and to inspire their listeners and counterparts to do the same. Rock 'n Roll will never die!

Local refreshments will be available, courtesy of Mancos Brewing, Fenceline Cider, and Mancos Liquors. DeWayne Jackson, brewer of Mancos Brewing, will be crafting a special beer for Mixed in Mancos.

This is an all-ages show. 21+ patrons must present an ID to consume alcohol.

Limited seating will be available, as participants are encouraged to dance!

Admission is $20. Presale tickets are available, as well as pre-order copies of the live album (CD or vinyl). If you purchase a pre-order album, you will receive a copy of the album once it is made (please allow 2-4 months). We will email you about delivery details.

For tickets and pre-order live albums, please visit For more information, please contact

We hope to see you at Mixed in Mancos, as an annual celebration of local music begins!